The beginning of the beginning

About a year ago, I founded a company with the idea that bringing no-nonsense, no-excuses, get-it-done energy to difficult, mission-critical, glamorous-or-not problems would be well received and provide a good life for my family and my colleagues’ families, if and when they arrived.

So far so good, basically. The shop now has six people, absolutely destroying my stretch goals for the first two years, and now I’m embarking on the task of learning and doing marketing — to more effectively find the people who need help. This blog is a part of that.

No-nonsense: you can expect musings on our adventures here, tips we run across that seem of value to our audience, and updates on how things are going if that might be entertaining. Anyone in my shop is encouraged to contribute so we will have a variety of styles on display, and if you peruse, you may get to know the people helping you better.

Above all, the purpose of Adiuvat is to help people. That’s what the phrase ad iuvat means. That’s what we will do.

PS, yep, I like Latin even if I don’t fluently speak it. Quaestor – the name of this blog – “investigator”, “the one who asks questions”, kwaa-e-store. Let’s find some answers!