Major Integration

Conquer Integration Challenges with Confidence   Integrating diverse systems can be complex but essential for business success. Adiuvat Consulting provides the knowledge and strategies you need to navigate the challenges and opportunities of today’s technology landscape.


Building Efficiently in Greenfield Projects   Starting a project from scratch offers a unique opportunity to design an optimal infrastructure. Embark on your Greenfield journey and craft efficiency from the ground up. Design optimal infrastructure, make informed tech choices, and set your projects up for greatness with Adiuvat Consulting.

Single to Multi-Cloud

Navigating Multi-Cloud Complexity From Single to Multi-Cloud Deployments   Explore the benefits and challenges of adopting a multi-cloud strategy. Whether aiming for improved redundancy or cost optimization, Adiuvat Consulting can lead you through seamless multi-cloud integration.

Infrastructure As Code, CI/CD

Powering Up with Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD Pipelines    Supercharge your development by unleashing the power of automation with Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD pipelines. Discover how to streamline development workflows for faster, more reliable deployments. Transform your IT game with Adiuvat Consulting.

Breaking Up the Monolith

Unshackling Monolithic Applications    Modernize your application architecture by transitioning away from monolithic designs. Explore the benefits of enhanced scalability, maintainability, and deployment efficiency—partner with Adiuvat Consulting to untangle your monolith.

Towards Bigger Data

Navigating Data Expansion   As your data needs grow, so does the complexity of managing and analyzing it. Scale your data infrastructure, unlock insights, and stay ahead in today’s data-driven landscape. Start your data scaling journey with Adiuvat Consulting.

App to App Refactors

Revamping Your Applications with App-to-App Refactoring   Are your applications due for a makeover? Discover the intricacies of transforming your applications through app-to-app refactoring. Enhance performance, optimize resources, and achieve compatibility like never before with Adiuvat Consulting.

Local To Public Cloud

Migrating Your Workloads to the Cloud for Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility   Dive into the advantages of cloud migration with expert advice and uncover potential hurdles in your cloud journey. Discover the benefits of cloud migration and embrace scalability, cost efficiency, and accessibility with Adiuvat Consulting.

Monitoring – part 1

So… You have a system in prod.  All’s well, right?  The frontend loads, users are not complaining – those are the metrics, right? Suddenly the users are complaining, the frontend doesn’t load, or transactions aren’t flowing. Now what? The purpose of monitoring is to prove, at various levels of synthesis, that your system serves users […]


It’s all well and good to talk about how systems need to prove they work, but how shall we make that happen? The goals of testing, in our view, are to: speed up development by catching mistakes early/reducing rework increase everyone’s confidence in the quality of systems by providing automatic assessment prove code is ready […]