2022 Q3 Update

We definitely intend for this blog to be mostly technical, with a leavening of fun and company updates — but the truth is that since June everyone has been hardcore heads down working on our projects.

I have been working to grow the team so we have enough capacity to meet our clients’ needs (the team is now 12 people! crazy!), and marketing is currently in its infancy, with specialists like Shawn from INeverAnswer, Selin from NowSocialize, Dmitriy from BusinessJetpack, and Ryan from Janium helping us learn the social and advertising game. There’s a lot to learn!

The other emerging theme has been a focus on our culture and engineering rigor — with so many new people, there are a lot of different viewpoints to melt into a common ethos. While we are aggressively seeking new business as we’re hungry to help people with their backend needs, it’s important to get organized around how we do that, too.

That starts with our values. What do we care about? What DNA makes us different from a random gaggle of developers? Why should you trust us to lead a project for you? Here’s the apex of what we believe:

  1. Happy clients

  2. Happy consultants

  3. Do the right thing

  4. Act like an owner

  5. Transparency within reason

  6. Be honest

  7. Live by your own code – but have a code

  8. We are all human beings

  9. Untested code is broken code – unmonitored systems are misbehaving right now

  10. Systems need to prove they are meeting SLA

While I won’t make this a novel and belabor every point – I’ll say that the backstory behind each principle is deep, and our discussions within the team about what it means to hold these values in common are the lifeblood of our cultural exchange. We will live these principles, and in doing so, serve you excellently.